Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art Bracke's legacy continues to haunt Middlesex County

At the Middlesex County board of supervisors meeting held on Dec. 2, 2008 it was pointed out that Middlesex County, with a population of only 10,000, has more children in foster care than nearby York County with a population of 35,000. Middlesex Social Services is responsible for foster care, but it cost the county money for each child in that service. It was further noted that the county actually pays for foster care of children that are not even in the county! "We have tried to deal with this over the years but it is a social services department function," said [Middlesex County Administrator Charles] Culley. "We have a [former] child protection service person (Art Bracke) who has been convicted and is now sitting in jail. You can draw some direct correlation from some of these things that took place in social services with him being there."

The question is - "what percentage of these fostered children are little white boys?".

Source: Cost of foster children concerns supervisors by Larry S. Chowning, Southside Sentinel

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